Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bag Lady

I got a fantastico recommendation at the event I went to today for a website that has a collection of the most fab canvas and nylon bags (props, yet again, to Rima Suqi), I should confess that I have a full blown, twelve step, shop till ya drop bag obsession. Sure Jimmy Choos are pretty and who wouldn't love another soft and cuddly cashmere sweater, but I would likely give up food for a week for the perfect bag. This website has all your classic bag shapes and sizes in a rainbow of colors the likes of which you haven't seen since you last opened up a Lucky Charms box. They look and feel just as gorgeous as they appear to be in their pics (I test drove one today). Though they do not do their own embroidery, they can turn you onto those who do, allowing you to make these into the some of the cutest/smartest gifts a girl could ever hope for (or a guy..they have some dude-ly looking bags too!). I've got my credit card in hand as I type ready to place my first order.

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