Thursday, April 07, 2005

Don't forget about the Grooms!

Brides, let's face it, are the chief focus of the wedding industry: the chief focus of those who advertise and market and the chief focus of most people who who want to sell...well, anything at all that's remotely wedding related. It seems, however, that more and more grooms are getting their due and showing up as an important piece of this wedding industry puzzle. Check out this article, A Groom with a View which recently appeared in a local Kansas newspaper. If they're talkin about it in Kansas, you know its already a trend in most other parts of the country (apologies, in advance, to Dorothy, Toto and all the other Kansas residents). Case in point is The Groom Guide, an online planning resource targeted squarely at the broad shoulders of the oft forgotten grooms. Though it does not quite offer as in depth information as The Knot, there's lots to be found, including information on proposals, making your bachelor parties "bride friendly," and even some grooming techniques. If this trend is any indication, as the grooms get more and more involved, I'm anxious to see how the industry shifts and makes changes in order to include and capitalize off of all of these wedding crazy guys. Of course, for those who are not quite ready for "groomhood," I also came across, which I and several of my girlfriends have already spent some time browsing. It's a website for all of the women out there who happen to find themselves with a guy who may not be as anxious to march down the aisle as she is. Always a bridesmaid??

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