Thursday, April 14, 2005

Here Comes the Sun

After moving here to NYC from LA almost five years ago (gasp), I quickly fell into the groove of urban living. Traffic jams!? No thanks, I'll take the subway. Wraps!? Nah, I'll have a bagel. However, there was one thing about living in LA that truly brought me scads of pleasure: wearing flip flops every day. Practical urban dwellers are simply not able to carry off the flip flop footwear phenomenon for good chunks of the year as snow, wind, rain and sleet don't mix well with em'. But Spring is in the air, birds are a' chirpin and bees are a' buzzin and I was pretty darn pleased to dust off my flips this evening and take them out for a much deserved spin. One of my fave places online to replenish my collection is Flip Flop Trunkshow

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