Sunday, April 17, 2005

CD's as Wedding Favors

The New York Times ran an amusing article today "With This CD I Thee Wed" about the rampant popularity of giving out a mix cd of a couple's song favorites as a wedding favor. One wedding coordinator quoted in the article estimated that a full 75% of her clients now give out CD favors. There were pros and cons on both sides regarding whether or not it was a good gift idea, though I must confess I remain on the con side. I've yet to be tempted to replay any cd's that I've ever received as a wedding favor and don't imagine I'll be dusting them off any time soon.

I was pretty darn happy, however, to see this fun, wedding related story on the front of the NYT Styles section!


andregirl said...

I think I'm with you on the "con" side of this. A cousin of mine gave out mix CDs of his and his wife's favorite love songs, with the song list printed on the label. I wasn't able to attend the wedding, so I didn't get one, but I saw my grandparent's copy sitting on their table. I must say, I can't imagine my 80+ year-old grandparents playing any of the pop/rock hits that my cousin had picked!

Also makes me wonder about the legality of it all (unless, of course, they had purchased the songs on iTunes and had rights to reproduce on CDs for "personal" use). Hmmm.

Greg said...

Do you really thnk guests want to be reminded of your awkward dance moves?? Yeah, it looked much better in your apartment when you two were dancing in the mirror.

I guess if I was in 8th grade and at Josh Goldfarb's Bar Mitzvah gala celebration, getting a cute mix would make sense.

A simple thank you or some cake would suit me just fine ;)