Friday, March 17, 2006

Are you a "minipreneur?"

I've been hearing the term "minpreneur" lately and I think its a really interesting way of describing the movement that seems to be going on right now: everyone wants to own a small business. And why not? There are fantastic tax benefits, its loads of fun and offers a means of creating real wealth for yourself that a 9-5 job does not (steady paychecks are great, but how big is that check ever really going to get?).

Trend Watching's definition of a minipreneur is as follows:

We have dubbed this trend 'MINIPRENEURS': a vast army of consumers turning entrepreneurs; including small and micro businesses, freelancers, side-businesses, weekend entrepreneurs, web-driven entrepreneurs, part-timers, free agents, cottage businesses, seniorpreneurs, co-creators, mompreneurs, pro-ams, solopreneurs, eBay traders, advertising-sponsored bloggers and so on.

With all of the amazing available resources these days, it seems like this trend is only going to continue to grow and grow. And to that I say "Holla!"

For further reading on minipreneurs, here's a load more info.


joy said...

GREAT link! thanks erica!

joy said...

and ps. happy belated bday!