Monday, March 06, 2006

From blog to book in 3 easy steps

Ok, I'm seriously intrigued. For those of you who have blogs of your own too, this is just about the coolest thing I've seen in a long while: Blurb allows you to take all of your blog entries (including photos) and have them published in a nifty hardbound book. Now, calm down for a moment because this feature is not quite available yet, but when it is, Blurb will actually suck all of your blog posts into preformatted pages and then allow you to nip and tuck as needed.

But, Blurb doesn't stop there. They have options for Dog Books, Baby Books and even Cookbooks. The gift giving options for this are seriously endless: you can gather all of mom's fave recipes and makes books for her and all of your siblings, put together a new baby book for any of your recently knocked up friends, or give any of your dog crazy friends (like me!) an ode to their little fido.

The coolest thing of all is you can set it all up, see how it looks, tweak as necessary and you only pay whenever you decide to publish. And prices start at only $29.95.

You'll need to download their "booksmart" software to get started (via The New York Times).


marzi said...

you are such a wealth of information. i just love it! i really appreciate all the great things that you bring to the table for others to enjoy.

i really love today's post! what a grat gift idea! i have it bookmarked for future use!

joy said...

what a cool thing. i've always thought about printing each of my blog pages out in some book format but that seems way to daunting of a task. thanks!

Jenie said...

damn, woman, how do you know *everything*?! always an interesting read, you are. thanks!