Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Minipreneur Madness

This is another one of those ideas that I can't help but label brilliant: designers and artists renting out retail space in an already established store. The designers pay a monthly fee and then leave the selling, merchandising and customer service to someone else. Seems like the best of both worlds.

The particular store reported on in this article is in Singapore and I think they've come up with a pretty fabulous approach. Each artist or designer rents out a "box" within the store's shelving units. Depending upon their location, fees differ, but prices start at an insanely reasonable $50/month. I like the idea of each designer having close to identical spaces (there are some exceptions for clothing, etc) as I think its both fair and easier for the consumer to shop and see everyone's creativity really shine through. There are a couple of stores like this in NYC already: EdgeNYC and Shecky's Shop.

Again, this reaffirms the idea that minipreneurs are here to stay and will likely continue inspiring creative solutions and directions in business that chumps like me have yet to even imagine.


joy said...

oh yes. i've been seeing this around! very cool idea for sure...

mk said...

Yet another fun and interesting post! I am truly enjoying your blog; it’s got so many intelligent and relevant topics but with such a nice and personal approach, well done!