Friday, March 24, 2006

Paper Mama!

Hola, everyone and apologies for my slacker-ocity lately. I've been busily preparing our newest venture, Paper Mama and I'm proud to announce she is here!

We had a fab mention in the NY Daily News yesterday, but due to the inexplicable and totally ineffective structure of their search, I cannot find it online. It was great though, and I'm oh so happy to have Paper Mama up and running.

I'm definitely flying blind with this whole mommy thing, so I hope all you mamas dig it!


Angela said...

Lovely and Fab, Erica! Congratulations... I personally think you made a very smart business move!
I will cheer you and your business expansion, this afternoon with a nice cup of tea!

Hear is to your success!

joy said...

congrats Erica!

marzi said...

seriously girl! do you ever sleep? you're amazing!

congrats and keep up the good work!