Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Squidoo for You

There are so many amazing new resources on the web that I come across every day, I swear I almost can't even keep track of em all. squidoo is this brainchild of marketing guru Seth Godin and is really a load of fun to browse through.

Basically, squidoo is a database of really neat, extended articles or "lenses" (including links, pictures, tips, lists) on every topic imaginable, all created by the web's best experts--i.e. you and me. Perhaps you don't normally think of yourself as an expert, but I bet if you thought about it long and hard, there are a few topics out there that you could go on an on about with great authority. I'm not necessarily talking quantum physics here either. Some of the coolest lenses I found include: what makes us creative at work, starting and running a web business or even a rundown on what's up with all of the hoopla over sudoku. You literally could spend hours reading about anything that has ever interested you and then some.

For us biz owners, there is an even a cooler aspect to this whole set up: getting your name and product out there in a big way. If you are a web designer, why not write a lens on common design mistakes new web business owners make? Or if you are a jewelry designer, write up some lenses on how to make a simple bracelet or necklace, or even how to start a jewelry making biz. Lensmasters, as they are called, are never shy about including personal plugs and along with getting the word out, there's also the whole search ranking benefit you'll have going (i.e. you want your comapny and links to it mentioned as many times, in as many places as humanly possible). Writing up a group of great, informative, well trafficked (hopefully!) lenses might be a great way of gettin' that all done.

Ok, on to the personal plug part of our programming. I wrote a lens that I think is pretty snazzy: wedding planning for cool chicks. If you like it, feel free to give me a good rating as that will bump me up in the squidoo rankings. I'm hoping to write some more (though I must confess that this did take me a loooong time). But it actually was a lot of fun. I included a bunch of my favorite links and tips, and of course plugged both my biz and my other blog.

Time for you to squidoo too!


Bee said...

that's a really cool site!! I think i'll write an article myself when I find some time. I join... I rated! =)

joy said...

great link! so much to look through, i need to pace myself & breathe...

Anonymous said...

Erica, I am a lurker on your blog every day. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to give us links to information that will help our biz grow. It is so hard, yet sometimes surprizingly easy, to make a go of things these days. You always give such helpful advice. Thank you.


Erica said...

So glad you all dig this! It really is super cool. Missy: thanks for delurking. It makes me so happy to hear that others enjoy my blog!