Wednesday, March 15, 2006


For those of you entrepreneurial types who really have the gift of gab, Ether might be for you.

Here's how it works: Ether gives you a free 800 number and you decide how much you'd like to charge for your expertise. Perhaps you can set up a jewelry designer's hotline for bead loving chicks or a blogging for dummies hotline where wannabe bloggers can call and get your feedback. You can charge people however you'd like (per hour, in blocks, etc). You then decide where you'd like the call to ring through (home, cell, etc) and you're done. Calls only come through after someone has prepaid your rate, so everytime your phone rings, you can confidently let out a "ka-ching" before answering your phone.

Though, I'm really lovin this hotline idea, Ether takes it a step further by also allowing you to make money via email (send people direct marketing mails about your podcasts, photos videos) and let them buy directly from them or even include a "buy now" button on your website that easily allows people to purchase your digital content.

Pretty nifty.

While ether is in beta release, their normal 15% take is reduced down to 10%.

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